“Morgan” character learns about MS – Medikidz

Hey All,

I’m very proud and grateful for the chance to contribute to Medikidz, a video comic book series from Jumo Health, that helps kids understand serious medical conditions.  My voice over character training is put to good use as the character “Morgan” whose mother has MS. Morgan learns all about MS by Medikidz Superhero, Axon.

I’ve also voiced other characters for the Medikidz series.

Stay tuned for more episodes!


Watch entire video below:

Jumo Health is doing great things for kids. Check out the Medikidz YouTube channel at 

Jumo Health – YouTube Channel 

or listen to the accompanying “In your Words” podcasts on iTunes!


Just signed on with AB2 talent

I’m super excited to sign on with AB2 Talent Agency!!!

I will be added to AB2 talent’s VO roster as one of their teen voice talent. I look forward to our new work relationship together in the years to come!